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Upcoming Community of Practice event promises to shake up math education

Depending on how it is taught, math can have students asleep on top of their textbooks when they should have their noses buried in them. The only solution is to mix things up, but for an individual teacher, this can be a daunting task.

Knowledgehook’s next Community of Practice event directly addresses this problem. The free online webinar, which starts Wednesday, is bringing together leading consultants and educators to offer teachers proven methods that break away from ineffective routines and create new pathways to student success.

Keeping kids engaged is difficult, so there are talks on replacing rote-memorization with flexible reasoning, adjusting teaching strategies to students, asking the right questions to stimulate discussion, and motivating struggling students. Other talks cover more specific topics and go into detail about how to teach fractions, algebra, and inverse operations effectively.

If academic outcomes are an issue, teachers can learn how to use running records to track student progress and increase their classroom’s fluency in math. There will also be detailed walkthroughs of Knowledgehook’s curriculum aligned tools, which are designed to make the lives of teachers easier. They assess math classes, pinpoint problems, and draw on cutting edge research to recommend ways forward.

In the concluding talk of the conference, educator Evan Taylor will argue that the nightmare of Covid-19 has created an opportunity to re-evaluate what works for math teachers and what does not. Events like this one are an important part of that process. Rather than going back to the pre-pandemic model, it is possible for the teaching community to come together and begin to write a new chapter on math education.

The event begins at 6 p.m. EST on February 16th and runs until the 18th. To find a full schedule and registration for the webinar, click here.

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