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Teacher Impact Series - Community of Practice Conference: Innovation in Teaching

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

For math teachers and the staff that support them, the Knowledgehook Teacher Impact Series Conference is a way to bring teachers together to inspire in a post-pandemic world

Knowledgehook’s Community of Practice (CoP) is approaching its first anniversary after its inception in October 2020. The function of Community of Practice is to connect educators with thought leaders throughout the world’s mathematics education sphere while hoping to boost camaraderie. It is the hope that CoP will allow teachers access to the constantly changing world of educational best practices and that knowledge will translate to positive impacts in their classrooms.

The main way that Community of Practice disseminates information to teachers is through a bi-monthly conference called the Teacher Impact Series. The upcoming Teacher Impact Series Conference will be held on September 18th.

According to Meaghan Pearson, Training and Learning Lead for Knowledgehook, there is an underlying goal of sharing information equitably and thus this conference is virtual and provided at no cost. Busy educators don’t have to give up a large sum of their time either as the conference is more aptly a “mini-conference” and takes place all in one day.

Math teachers throughout the world have access to some of the foremost minds in educational best practices as well as a community of participants that tallies more than 5,000 since the CoP’s start.

Teachers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this conference. Principals and other leaders in school systems can glean a great day from this conference and hopefully continue discussing best practices with their staff long after the conference has ended!

Previous presenters include Dr. Peter Liljedahl presenting his research, Dr. Kris Childs discussing equity in the classroom, and Director of Mathematics Leadership Programs at Mount Holyoke College Mike Flynn on “Powerful Moments in Math Class” among numerous others.

This upcoming conference will include presentations on making classroom discussions more inclusive and efficient, addressing bias in math classrooms, and an overview of how you can use Knowledgehook in your classroom to teach mathematics in more effective and engaging ways.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Community of Practice, seeing a list of upcoming panelists, or getting more information on the Teachers Impact Series Conference, you can visit this link for more information!

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