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Rayven Adams on the importance of providing students with options

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

From second grade, Rayven Adams knew she was going to be a teacher, and as soon as she could, jumped straight in. Rayven knows the importance of inspiring teaching and dedicates herself to listening to her students and their learning needs.

It was on careers day back in second grade that Rayven Adams of Tekoa Academy Charter School decided she would become a teacher. From that day, she never faltered, and as soon as she graduated from Texas Southern University, she started on her path as an educator.

Rayven believes that as a teacher, one of the best ways to bond with her students is to be as transparent as possible, and she shares her own life experiences with them as a point of connection. "It's important that they know we're not so different. Building strong relationships with the students is really important to me," she said.

Likewise, understanding her students and their differences and preferences, she makes sure to highlight to students that there is a wide range of methods one can use to reach the right answer, creating a dynamic learning environment. "I always show them at least three different ways to get to their answer. I let them choose what suits them best." Rayven also likes to share the real-world applications of math with her students, showing them that it is the foundation of everything.

Peer learning and group work also play an important role in Rayven's classroom. "Students learn a great deal from each other. One student may grasp a concept fully, while the other may be struggling. Together, using language that makes sense to them, they help each other learn and understand."

Reflecting on the challenges brought about by Covid-19, Rayven said that while being virtual has taken a year off learning, it has also introduced a multi-media dimension to her classroom and exposed her to resources that have enhanced the way she teaches. Google Classroom, in particular, has proven to be an invaluable tool for Rayven.

Being a high school teacher, Rayven's students grow up fast in the time they're with her, but she enjoys watching their growth as students and as individuals. For Rayven, the most rewarding part of her job is having students come back to her when it's time to graduate and telling her how they benefited from what she taught them.

Photo courtesy of Rayven Adams

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