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Nurturing growth and valuing connection in the classroom

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Impact Award winner Lorraine Huang learns with her students, fostering a safe and inspiring learning environment

M. C. Knoll is an open and inclusive school that prioritizes strong relationships between teachers and students and elevates the importance of a positive mindset. One of its teachers, and winner of Knowledgehook's Impact Award, Lorraine Huang, is an educator who embodies these values.

Lorraine has been in the teaching profession for many years and says that one of the most challenging parts of her job is making sure each child is reached. To meet this challenge, she makes sure the classroom is an environment where each child is cared for and heard.

M.C. Knoll School, Yorkton, SK; Image credit: GSSD

One example of this approach in action is when Lorraine went above and beyond to make sure a student with a difficult home life received one-to-one sessions to help him reach his potential. With dedication and nurturing, this student rose six levels and enjoyed returning to the classroom because, as Lorraine said, he knew it was a place where he was "loved and cared for."

Lorraine's passion and enthusiasm for teaching her students are palpable, and through using teaching tools like Knowledgehook, Lorraine not only helps her students believe they can learn maths but consolidates her learning in maths, too. This means she is constantly innovating and progressing as a teacher.

As an educator, Lorraine always strives to keep her students constantly engaged through using activities such as game shows. Bringing this element of fun into her classroom stimulates conversation and allows her and her students to celebrate success, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie.

By creating a fun and encouraging learning environment and using formative assessment, Lorraine has overcome the challenge of teaching 30 students, all at different levels, which is a reality faced by many teachers these days. She continually checks in on her students' current level of understanding and then meets their learning needs while motivating them to reach the next level.

Speaking about what makes Lorraine such an incredible educator, M.C. Knoll school principal Phil Adams said she prioritizes the school's values of relationship, growth and community each day: "Mrs Haung demonstrated an outstanding ability to promote these values as a member of our staff. She cultivated and maintained outstanding relationships with students and their families, all while promoting a growth mindset," he said.

Watch Lorraine's Story

For Lorraine, the best thing about teaching is witnessing her students succeed and seeing a smile on their faces; she says her students inspire her, and that's something that shines through when she discusses them. Her dedication to teaching and her ability to inspire has now been recognized by the Good Spirit School Division, which recently appointed her as an instructional coach.

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