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Morgan Taylor: Teaching the whole student and expanding their horizons

Morgan Taylor is now in her second year of teaching at Boyd Middle School, the school where she herself grew up, and while starting in the deep end during a pandemic, she quickly found her feet. For Morgan, the classroom is a place of joy, and there she creates a second home for many students.

When Morgan Taylor was a child, she wasn't quite sure what she wanted to be until she encountered one inspiring sixth grade teacher who changed everything. From there, Morgan set her sights on college, majored in math, and then education, absolutely falling in love with it. Dedicated to constantly building on her own knowledge, Morgan attained her Masters during her first year of teaching and is already thinking about when she can return for her doctorate. She says she hopes her thirst for knowledge also teaches her students that they should always strive for more.

For Morgan, a huge part of being an impactful teacher is dependent on building strong relationships with her students and creating a learning environment that feels safe and open. Subsequently, her lessons are very interactive, and she encourages students to contribute in a way they feel comfortable. Morgan says it's also important to have fun when learning, and she does this by incorporating games, music and laughter into the classroom.

To show that she believes in their abilities and potential, Morgan also emphasizes the importance of challenging her students: "By giving them challenging work, it shows them that I believe in them and that they can accomplish challenging things. I do this to encourage them to believe in themselves," She said. This is a central focus of Morgan's philosophy on teaching; as a teacher, she doesn't just help students learn math; she teaches the whole student. "I want them to know that there's so much more out there than this small town; I want them to open their minds to what they can achieve. There's so much out there for them."

Morgan is a truly inspirational teacher who values and understands her students and their differences; she pushes them to be the best version of themselves while providing them with a place they feel listened to and cared for.

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