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Flor Mendoza: Listening to students' learning needs and creating a positive atmosphere

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Flor Mendoza of Dayton High School has always had a knack for teaching, yet she still pushes herself to be the best educator she can be, constantly learning and developing as a teacher.

A teacher at Dayton High School for 14 years, Flor Mendoza, heard the calling to become a math teacher when she was working as a tutor while studying for her degree. Each day her students encouraged her to pursue a career in teaching because of her ability to explain math problems in an easily understandable way. She listened to her students’ words of wisdom and now loves being an educator, priding herself on her ability to bring positivity and enthusiasm to the classroom and create a safe learning space.

Flor dedicates herself to professional development and always seeks to learn more, whether that’s attending workshops, researching new technological developments, or simply listening to other teachers share their own strategies.

When it comes to her own teaching strategies, Flor says that differentiation is key because each student has different learning needs and capabilities. That said, she finds peer collaboration to be incredibly helpful, and for those students who prefer kinesthetic learning, she creates activities that best suit them and their learning style. For Flor, using simple language and breaking math problems down into bite-size pieces is the key to success.

Flor’s favourite part about being an educator is seeing students learn the joy of math and witnessing their growth and progress. As a teacher, Flor lays a solid foundation for her students, from which they can continue to grow and evolve as learners. She believes it is her duty to encourage students to believe in themselves.

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