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Impact Award winner, Arkin Kauf: Engaging each student as an individual

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Arkin Kauf of Deshaye Catholic School is constantly making sure his methods are up to date. With a focus on data, Mr. Kauf feels he is able to keep both students and parents tangibly engaged in learning

Impact Award winner Arkin Kauf sees his classroom as a place to use data-driven approaches to promote each student’s individual success. Seeing each student as an individual with their “very own needs,” Mr. Kauf uses Knowledgehook to meet those specific needs in tangible ways in his classroom.

Kauf, in his impact story, says that Knowledgehook has been “crucial” in his goal to identify where each student’s strengths and weaknesses may lie. He says it gives him a snapshot of his classroom where he can pinpoint what lessons were received well and what needs to be revisited. With this tool, he can dial in the specific learning needs of each student.

Beyond just himself, he feels his data-driven processes serve to keep parents and students engaged in the classroom’s progress. He doesn’t just focus on strengthening students’ weak points, however. Dr. Lerzan Coskun, the Program Lead for Teacher Impact Awards, praised Mr. Kauf saying, “Arkin also uses assessment to help students realize their strengths and build up their confidence to work on areas of difficulty.”

Kauf is committed to using data to celebrate the places where students are doing well and reinforcing the idea that any student can understand mathematics. Former Ontario Association for Mathematics Education President MaryLou Kestell sees the value in his analytical approach. Kestell is quoted as saying, “data reports prompt reflection and students can see their progress.” The data not only keeps Mr. Kauf aware of his classroom but also motivates the students to excel.

Even with his award, Arkin Kauf isn’t content to rest on his achievements. He says he continues to try to be open-minded to new processes. His main goal is to utilize all tools at his disposal to make sure he’s reaching the entirety of his class in ways that are maximally effective for individual learning.

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